Mindful Awareness in Schools:
Learning from the Inside Out

Here’s a question for you: if you knew how to help your students regulate their emotions, succeed in school, build strong and compassionate relationships, and feel happy and at peace, would you teach them?

We suspect the answer is yes. Still, you’re probably also thinking, “How am I supposed to do all that on top of everything else? That’s where we come in. Through our programs, students become ‘Ready to Learn’ which leads to less anxiousness and stress, better performance in school, and improved interactions with peers and teachers. Students and teachers transform from the inside out.

Learn how Inner Explorer Programs can help your students become ‘Ready to Learn’.

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In three research studies, Inner Explorer has shown an:

Increase of test scores and grades by 10 – 30%

Decrease of disciplinary actions by 50%

Decrease of teacher stress by 43%

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With each program, you’ll receive:

      • Inner Explorer Classroom Kit
        • Semester Series – 18 weeks of programming (90 daily tracks), repeated in second half of the school year
        • Streaming access on classroom computer or mobile device
        • Teacher Guide, including weekly topics, FAQs, related research, additional resource
        • Online staff training on how to implement the program into a typical school day
      • Ongoing helpful hints from us
      • Beyond The Program -monthly newsletter for teachers

What Teachers are Saying about Inner Explorer:

“Inner Explorer™ has been very beneficial to me both professionally and personally. Like many people, I have known about mindfulness for years but never committed to it genuinely. After consistent use in the classroom, many students have expressed that the program really helps them calm down and think about what they are feeling. In addition, I have committed to practicing even beyond the program and emotional changes are apparent. While work is still challenging, mindfulness helps to minimize my frustration. I am able to keep my cool even when classroom situations are chaotic. Before my mindfulness practice, I felt the weight of the school day even after I left school. Mindfulness has helped me to stay in the moment and keep a positive perspective, before/during/after school.”

Ashley S.Elementary School Teacher, Oakland, CA

“Yes, we are doing mindfulness everyday for the 1st ten minutes of Academy. It’s interesting to see the children return to the classroom all revved up from lunch, sit to do mindfulness and find a way to refocus and calm down. A few days ago we had to skip mindfulness in order to get something else done that was needed. The children were so different for the second half of the day. My student teacher and I take part in the activities daily with the students. We both like the time to breath! At first the children were really giggly and had a hard time being mindful in front of their friends. It has gotten better…some days still have some giggles but for the most part all the children are involved.”

NicoleTeacher, OH

“Our kids did awesome on the MAP test!!!! Almost every single one of them improved with a great amount! The really great thing was that 26 out of the 46 students hadn’t met the cut score for passing that test and meeting the 3GG requirements, and after the last test only 2 kids didn’t pass. :)

Prior to Inner Explorer, 56.5% of students were below grade level. After Inner Explorer, only 4.3% of students were below grade level!

We also make sure that our kids do the program before the tests, sometimes being very adamant we start testing later so we have time for this program because we know how much of a difference it makes in their ability to stay focused and calm during this time! Although we still have tough days with this group of kids, we have definitely noticed a HUGE difference in them!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!”

Ashley Tomassetti and Amber Cupples3rd grade Teachers, Melrose Elementary

“The program has been great. I really enjoy it and it is one of my favorite times of every day!….. I know the students (AND I!) enjoy the addition of the classical music into the program. It is a great program and I greatly appreciate you introducing it to me.”

Christina B.Middle School Teacher, Richmond, CA

“As a School Director, K-12 educator and a parent, I really appreciate Inner Explorer. The students at Da Vinci Innovation Academy have been practicing mindfulness with Inner Explorer for the past two years. Combined with our compassionate communication focus, we are really seeing students take ownership for their learning, express confidence and be more present. Because teachers don’t need to prepare any materials, they literally just hit ‘play’ and then participate along with the students. This along with the accessibility of the program make it extremely easy for teachers to implement.”

Michelle RaineyPrincipal at DaVinci Innovation Academy

“The children in my class are a tough bunch. Many seem not to take this seriously as they should while others are fully involved. However, I see more children embracing the positive messages every day and have high hopes for more to come.”

BrentTeach for America Teacher, CA

“My co-teacher and I are thoroughly enjoying the program, as are the students. We have heard from many students that they are utilizing some of the breathing techniques during times outside of the ten minute mindfulness practice.”

AlexaTeacher, NY

“The 5th grade teacher using the program came up to me after the staff meeting this morning and shared that a parent told her that it is her son’s favorite part of 5th grade. She said that several other parents commented on the program at Parent-Teacher conferences, all positive.”

SallySchool Psycologist