Character Day and Inner Explorer are working together to bring the daily practice of mindfulness to your school, helping put thousands of students on a path toward well-being and academic success.

Every time you go to click, post, or even turn on a screen, pause for 10 seconds and think, how can I do this and be grateful? Listen to what Justme has to say.

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Inner Explorer's program is one of the core recommendations for educators and after-school programs, families, and communities by Character Day to cultivate character year-round.
You're about to purchase Inner Explorer's 1 year Community License with a bonus of 3 months. So you will be able to use the program for 15 months! This promotion expires January of 2020.

The Character Day logo is property of Let it Ripple, Inc. | Inner Explorer is a non-profit organization covered under Section 501(c)3 of the United States Internal Revenue Code.

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